The Indian Medialogue is happy to share that CCMG was represented in the recently held the 2013 Annual  Conference, London (17-21 June 2013) of International Communication Association by Prof Biswajit Das & Vibodh Parthasarathi.  They were on the Organising Committee of  “New Media, Old Media, Social Media: Changing South Asian Communications Scholarship” at the ICA Preconference co-organised by CCMG (16-17 June 2013). 

Below is the background note of the preconference. 

Home to more than a billion and one half people, South Asia enjoys a shared history combined with a unique cultural, religious, political, linguistic, and ethnic diversity. South Asian media reflects this diversity through its cultural products, which are becoming increasingly popular throughout the region and in other parts of the world. The rapid growth of media and communication, including print, sound recording, television, new media, telecommunications, and mobile devices and applications, point to the importance of South Asia, of its linkages to other parts of the world, of media industries, and of public policies that govern these sectors. The expanding media in South Asia and their growing salience in the processes of globalization call for a robust research agenda with diverse disciplinary approaches and concerted efforts to strengthen communications scholarship in the region.

First of its kind to focus exclusively on South Asian media, this preconference showcases most recent scholarly work on media growth and communications policy in the region and their significance for broader communications scholarship. It is a major meeting point for scholars studying South Asian media and communication, and an opportunity to review and advance communications research and training in the region. It will cover a range of topics on new media as well as conventional media, to provide a critical account of the media changes underway in South Asia and their implications for national politics, regional political dynamics and public cultures.

SOAS (1)

SOAS where the preconference was held on 16-17 June 2013

The preconference will be a major contribution to consolidate, review and reflect on the existing body of communications scholarship and communications education in the region. It will provide a fillip to the emerging area of communications scholarship by strengthening the networks of knowledge and professional collaboration and exchange among media educators. It will complement and expand existing efforts of communications scholars studying the profound political and cultural changes unleashed by media in the last two decades of rapid globalization in the region.

The preconference will address most important issues related to new media and conventional media, by by inviting presentations from scholars exploring South Asian media from various disciplinary perspectives including anthropology, cultural studies and political science, alongside media and communications studies. The list of topics covered by the preconference includes, if not limited to: media enabled political cultures and political activisms; mapping media and communications systems; media and information policy; labour in the communications sector; the state and futures of public service media; emerging fields of interest in communications studies; and, media uses and media cultures within South Asia and among the South Asian diaspora. The panels will be followed by a round table discussion among members of the organizing committee and invited experts to review the field of communications scholarship on South Asia and discuss plans and agendas for future research. The pre-conference also aims to establish a venue for discussing emerging trends and challenges of communications training in the region and develop a communications education agenda for media educators and scholars. It will explore ways to enhance regional cooperation in developing curriculum and pedagogical practices for communications studies.

Recognizing the growing importance of media for the political and cultural landscapes of South Asia and for the South Asian diaspora, the preconference will also invite some guests from the government, media, and community sectors in London to present as appropriate, in a keynote or roundtable/panel capacity. This will allow us to make use of the unique attributes of London as a city with strong representation of media and South Asians. This preconference builds on an earlier preconference on Indian media organized in Chicago (ICA 2009), and a network of scholars set up as part of our on-going efforts to boost communications scholarship on South Asia.

Members of the organizing committee include:

Biswajit Das, Jamia Millia Islamia

Radha Hegde, New York University

Steve McDowell, Florida State University

Vibodh Parasarathi, Jamia Millia Islamia

Monroe Price, University of Pennsylvania

Jyotika Ramaprasad, University of Miami

Azmat Rasul, University of the Punjab

Subir Sinha, University of London

Laura Stein, University of Texas at Austin

Sahana Udupa, Max Planck Institute

Mohammad Shahid Ullah – University of Chittagong

Please click here for more info on the ICA London Conference.

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