Centre for Culture, Media & Governance, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi (CCMG, henceforth) in collaboration with Academic Staff College, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi conducts and organizes every year the University Grants Commission Refresher Course on Media Studies, Culture and Governance for the in-service faculty across the country. The first & second such RCs were organized in February 2013 & Jan-Feb 2014.

The 3rd Refresher Course 2014 on Media Studies and Governance started today on 10th January and will continue till 31st January 2015.

Day 1

1st & 2nd Lecture by Prof. Yogendra Singh on Interdisciplinarity in Social Sciences

Prof. Yogendra Singh primarily expressed his thoughts on the formation of various disciplines. He cited the example of the discipline of sociology. He explained how it had developed over a period of time not because of the administrative decisions of the educational institutions but because of the public opinion that accrued behind it.

Prof Y SinghIn the second session, he shed light on the concept of Interdisciplinarity and how the domain would be restructured if disciplines interact with each other. He said that the concepts of one discipline, which are called primitives, often moved from one sphere to another. Even if the primitives of one discipline enter other disciplines they do not lose their core definitions.

3rd Lecture by Prof. Biswajit Das on Interdisciplinarity in Communication


Just before the session had started, Sir Mark Tully visited the Refresher Course and recounted his experience as a reporter for BBC in India.

Prof. Biswajit Das spoke about how the communication discipline had developed. He charted the history of communication from the times of the Egyptian Civilization to the present. He explained the different distinctions within media and particularly about the heavy and light media.

Prof B Das

Then he spoke about how the different schools of media studies have developed over a period of time. He specially highlighted the course of American Schools as they were the ones who had made initial foray into the domain of the media studies.