Centre for Culture, Media & Governance, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Academic Staff College, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi conducts and organizes every year the University Grants Commission Refresher Course on Media Studies, Culture and Governance for the in-service faculty across the country. The first & second such RCs were organized in February 2013& Jan-Feb 2014.

The 3rd Refresher Course 2014 on Media Studies and Governance started today on 10th January and will continue till 31st January 2015.

Day 2 (15/01/15)

1st Lecture by Dr. Saima Saeed on Case Studies of Ownership Pattern in Indian Media.

Dr Saima Saeed

Dr. Saeed explained elaborately about the nexus that had developed in the Indian between the political class and the different corporate and the media houses. She cited different cases of shadow ownership have emerged over a period of time and have become apparent due to their dealings in this domain. Dr. Saeed gave the examples of Sarada scam under which media houses were one of the prime casualties.

She also elaborated extensively on the taking over by the Reliance of the CNN –IBN group. That was a case study that she looked into to explain about how was the corporate takeover of a certain media house was orchestrated for their agenda

Dr. Saeed argued that the dealings and ownership of the media houses are ambiguous and shady and its time to look into them from a renewed perspective.

The lecture provoked a lot of queries of the participants that were very much interested in this current phenomenon.

2nd & 3rd Lecture by Dr. Lion Koenig on Cultural Citizenship

Dr Lion Koenig

Dr. Koenig spoke about the citizenship in both its legal context as well as the cultural context. He cited the example of the Citizenship survey that was carried out by CSDS of which he was also a part of. With the example of the survey he elucidated the concept of Citizenship in the context of India. He said that the context of the legal and cultural citizenship overlap with each other in certain respects. Thus he elaborated extensively on the nuances of citizenship.

In the third session he spoke about how the media reinforced the concept of citizenship. He spoke about how media becomes a part of the institutional setup that reinforces the concept of citizenship. According to him it also translates how citizenship is in the end through how the media does. Media is one of the agencies behind translating the concept of citizenship and has to be taken into consideration for citizenship studies.