Centre for Culture, Media & Governance, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Academic Staff College, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi conducts and organizes every year the University Grants Commission Refresher Course on Media Studies, Culture and Governance for the in-service faculty across the country. The first & second such RCs were organized in February 2013& Jan-Feb 2014.

The 3rd Refresher Course 2014 on Media Studies and Governance started today on 10thJanuary and will continue till 31st January 2015


5th Day (16-01-2015)

 1st and 2nd Lecture by Prof. Ananda Mitra on Big Data

Prof Ananda Mitra

Prof Ananda Mitra talked about the role of big data in todays world. He illustrated with examples how big data is being cultivated by through the help of online media. He also illustrated how does the big media companies both online and offline are using the data generated for their own purpose. He also demonstrated different tools that are readily available for mining big data. He said that the amount of data is going to be immense and that size comes with a lot of possibilities.

 He then talks about the questions of ethics that emerge from this sort of data mining that is the norm of the day. Prof. Mitra then elaborated how the data is being used by big corporations for commercial ends.

3rd Lecture by Dr. Supriya Chotani on Media and Social Movements

 Dr. Chotani talked about the role of Media in social Movements. She said that media becomes both an observer and an actor of the social movements. She gave the examples of the India against corruption movement and that of the Jasmine Revolution to show how media has acted in both the cases actively. In fact she traced the history of relationship between the media and the social movements. She concluded that media and social movements are intricately related and is to be scrutinised more and more.