Centre for Culture, Media & Governance, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Academic Staff College, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi conducts and organizes every year the University Grants Commission Refresher Course on Media Studies, Culture and Governance for the in-service faculty across the country. The first & second such RCs were organized in February 2013& Jan-Feb 2014.

The 3rd Refresher Course 2014 on Media Studies and Governance started today on 10thJanuary and will continue till 31st January 2015

6th Day  (17-01-2015)

 1st Lecture by Dr Teberez Neyazi on Media and Elections

Dr Teberez Neyazi Dr. Neyazi talked about the role of news in the elections of India. The way the reporting of news is done in the time of the elections. He took the example of the Delhi Assembly election 2013. The method that was applied in the study was that of content analysis. The study was undertaken for both the electronic and the print media. The study spoke about how much coverage was given to different parties on different issues. The study found that the reportage do have an influence on the elections that are held at that time, but only to a certain extent.

2nd Lecture by Prof. Gita Bamezai on Health Communication

 Prof Gita BamezaiDr. Bamezai talked about the different aspects of Health Communication that are prevalent in India. She stated that health was a part of a larger issue of Development. She contextualised the Indian Scenario of Health among the different SAARC countries. Then she underlined the role of Media in the Health sector. She pointed that Media has been used extensively for Health Communication. She also stated that there is an aspect of health communication that is known as the Behaviour change communication. That communication can be used to tailor the behaviour in certain respects.

3rd Lecture Prof M. Kasim on Social Media

 DSC01441The focus of this session was on the online media. The online media has become a ubiquitous presence in the certain sections of today’s day to day life. The Speaker talked about the different aspects of the online media. Then he went into the specifics of the social media.  He pointed out that Social media has brought in together the different aspects like audio, video and text.  He spoke on the aspects of interactivity that today’s social media platforms that exist today. And how that interactivity has created a new dimension in communication in today’s world.