On 12 December, 2015 which was the fourth day of the ICSSR Research Methodology workshop on Communication Studies and Social Sciences, the participants were exposed to the technicalities in quantitative research methods like Hypothesis Testing, Correlation Analysis followed by an exhaustive session on statistical soft wares.

Dr Roopa Shankar

Hypothesis Testing and Correlation Analysis


Dr. Roopa Shankar from Public Health Foundation of India, introducing the comprehensive procedure for hypothesis building and hypothesis testing, started with basic ground rules pertaining to issues of sampling in quantitative research. She made the session more interesting by explaining the essentialities which a researcher should consider while formulating hypothesis through her epidemiological fieldwork on ‘Smoking prevalence in Gurgaon. This was followed with an engaging discussion over the results of her study. In this exhaustive session, Dr. Roopa tried to make the process of hypothesis testing more relatable for participants by discussing their research hypothesis.

In her subsequent lecture, Dr. Roopa explained correlation as an essential data analysis technique in survey research. She highlighted the need to understand the basic typology of variables and also introduced the participant scholars to Pearson’s correlation technique and the underlying issues while dealing with multiple variables. Dr. Roopa encouraged the scholars to share their research methodologies and the variables they intend to correlate which later led to an engaging discussion. Moving beyond, she demonstrated the method of linear regression and its relevance in multivariate data analysis.

Dr. Manoj Diwakar, CCMG

Introduction to Statistical Softwares

DSC04476While trying to inculcate the technical research expertise in the participant scholars, the workshop provided a wonderful opportunity for them to gain basic skills for data analysis in SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Science) which over the years has become a must-know for Social Science researchers. The expert for the task was Dr. Manoj Kumar who is a specialist in quantitative data analysis and has managed the statistical analysis for various research projects at Centre for Culture Media & Governance. The scholars most of whom were beginners in SPSS tried their hands in entering data into the software under the expert instructions and their progress during the exercise in the lab was appreciated.