DSC04929The final day of the ten day workshop began with the field report presentations. Prof. Biswajit Das invited participants to present their key findings of the research study on Facebook usage among young people. Each group presented their findings in a short presentation and gave perspectives from their field work. Prof. Das reviewed the presentations and provided constructive feedback to each group and participants were presented with certificates at the end of their presentations. The ensuing discussion gave the participants an opportunity to share their experiences and suggestions for such future workshops.

pandaThe session ended with the valedictory address by Prof. Santosh Panda, Chairman, NCTE, New Delhi. In his remarks Prof. Panda recognized the role of Centre for Culture, Media & Governance in producing quality research in the country which was testified by the the maximum score awarded by NAAC to CCMG. He lamented the poor state of research in the countr and pointed out that research should be informative, out of the box and most importantly should not be compromise professional ethics. He also touched upon the need of mixed methodology in the research.

RehmanDr. A. Rehman, Deputy Director, ICSSR talked about how research in education has lagged behind other social sciences disciplines. He highlighted the contribution of ICSSR in research and briefed the participants about its history. He also commented on the poor quality of research in social sciences and highlighted that the reason why most of the thesis work is rejected is because of its poor quality. He informed the participants about the various grants and fellowship offered by ICSSR which the young researchers and scholars can avail.

BD.jpgProf. Das talked about the significance of in depth knowledge of the subject in research. He acknowledged the contribution of ICSSR in his career. He talked about the travel grant to Honolulu, Hawaii which ICCSR offered him as a young scholar. He mentioned the importance of quality research in the Social Sciences. Motivating the young scholars Prof. Das added “there is a better future in academics, you will have sincere fruitful contribution”. Prof. Das thanked distinguished guests Prof. Santosh Panda and Dr. A. Rehman, participants and workshop co-coordinator for a successful workshop.

Research methodology workshops often confine to the data analysis techniques and tools. This concluded workshop offered the participants the opportunity to learn about the innovative practices in research and the varied scope of communication research in addition to exposure to latest data analysis techniques. The objective of the workshop to build the capacity of the young scholars and social science researchers in quality research was achieved through lectures, presentations, field work and discussions. Additionally, the participants were provided with study materials and manuals which will help them in their future research. The workshop was a good learning experience not only for the participants but also for the organizers.