Sumandro Chattapadhyay

Data Visualization Tools and Techniques

SumandroThe ninth day of the ICSSR research methodology workshop began with the technical aspects of research presentation. Sumaandro Chattapadhyay from Centre for Internet and Society (CIS), New Delhi discussed about the recent advancement in ways of visualizing raw data and presenting the results of arithmetical modeling. While touching upon the inferential part of statistical analysis commonly used in social science research, he explained the various types of data relationships and visualization involved in the process. He further discussed the basic principles of data visualization and some of the underpinning laws like, Gestalt psychology, law of proximity & similarity.

Prof.Madan Gopal Singh

Semiotic Analysis of Films

Madan GopalIn second lecture of the session, Prof. Madan Gopal Singh known for the first semiotic study of some of the seminal texts from Indian cinema delivered an interesting lecture on “Semiotic analysis of films”. Prof. Madan while elucidating upon the idea of semiotics in theoretical perspective throughout his lecture explained how text is syntactically organized in cinema language. Having been involved with Indian parallel cinema, Prof. Madan tried to explain the semiotic language of Indian cinema in historical perspective. He also invoked the textual philosophy of Ronald Barthes while explaining the language of cinema which led to a significant discussion within the participant scholars.

Vibodh Parthasarthi

Writing a Research Proposal

VPIn the post lunch session, Vibodh Parthasarathi who teaches Media policy at Centre for Culture, Media & Governance, instructed the participant scholars on the sensitivities and necessities of preparing academic and project research proposals. He emphasized on the technicalities which the scholars will be required to understand while applying for research projects in their prospective academic careers.

Dr. Ravi K Dhar

Reference and Reporting Writing               

ravi k dhar.JPGThe last lecture of the day touched upon the scholarly approach to writing in academic research. Dr. Ravi K Dhar who is Director of Jagannath Institute of management studies, New Delhi explained the essential considerations in report writing. While discussing the essential components of a research paper, Dr. Dhar instructed the participant research scholars about writing flawless research reports. He sensitized the scholars about the requirements of academic publishing and need for a thorough review of literature before actually venturing in the writing part a research work.