Session: 1: Prof. Saima Saeed & Dr. Manoj K. Diwakar

Participants Presentation

The concluding day of the workshop was devoted to the presentations by seven groups on the survey they had carried out among 471 people on the usage of facebook. Following the themes taken up by groups for presentation:

Group 1: Community

Group 2: Privacy

Group 3: Self and Identity

Group 4: Effect of Online and Offline Relationship

Group 5: Advertisement on Facebook

Group 6: Gaming on Facebook

Group 7: Facebook as an Agent of Socialisation

All the presentations of the findings have used the tools and techniques of statistics discussed throughout the workshop.

Prof. Saima Saeed, who was chairing the session on field work presentations, offered valuable comments for all group presentations. She pointed out that all the presentations missed out a significant step of the research i.e. framing a research question because of which the whole exercise of carrying a analysis and presenting the findings becomes redundant.  She said that one can carry out a research without a hypothesis but still one must have a research question in mind. She emphasized that one should not follow quantitative and qualitative as watertight compartments. One can make use of both in the research.

Session 2:  Prof. Saima Saeed & Dr. Manoj K. Diwakar

Valedictory session & certificate distribution

In her valedictory address she summarised the discussions of the whole week sessions. She mentioned that the workshop has been designed in such a way that both quantitative and qualitative analysis gets equal attention and the emphasis was on promoting interdisciplinary.  At the same time the purpose of the research should be asking very fundamental and foundational critical questions.

At the end certificates were distributed to all the participants.

A vote of thanks was offered by Dr. Manoj Diwakar.

Text: Dr. Kusum Lata