A Two-Weeks Capacity Building Workshop on Media and Communication Studies ended with a valedictory function on 4th May 2019 at Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI). The workshop that was inaugurated on 22 April 2019, was organized by Centre for Culture, Media & Governance (CCMG) under the auspices of UGC sponsored “Centre with Potential for Excellence in Particular Area” (CPEPA) for capacity building of the research scholars and young faculty. During the two-weeks, a total number of 26 lectures were delivered by 19 resource persons on 22 different topics related to communication and media studies. Participants were also engaged in developing research proposal, group work, presentation, brainstorming sessions, library, computer and media laboratory access.


In the valedictory address, Mr. A. P. Siddiqui (IPS), honourable Registrar of JMI congratulated the centre for organizing a workshop on the pertinent and highly significant area of media and communication. He said that the centre has made the dedication and contribution in organizing seminars, workshop and bringing in national-international scholarly resources. Mr. Siddiqui also praised CCMG’s effort to study various facets of media policy, law and governance. He invited the participants to partake in a series of events next year on the occasion of centenary celebration of JMI.


The Guest of Honour of the valedictory session, Prof. Shafey Kidwai from the Department of Mass Communication in Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) pointed out the legacies of JMI and AMU and the shared history and commitment towards education and modernity in India. He stressed on the need for scholarly engagement to examine the complex issues related to journalism and media practices. Issues of democracy, ideology, inequality, consumerism and social media circulation need to be re-imagined from a fresh perspectives. He addressed the significance of this workshop in providing critical aspects and introducing interdisciplinary paradigms to the researchers. Prof. Kidwai also mentioned the crisis of communication studies in India that is yet to strengthened with greater epistemological and ontological rigour.


Prof. Biswajit Das, Director of the Centre for Culture, Media & Governance extended his warm regards to the Registrar, JMI and Prof. Shafey Kidwai from AMU. He expressed his special thanks to Mr. A. P. Siddiqui for delivering the valedictory address. Prof. Das also congratulated the participants who attended the two-week capacity building workshop.

In delivering the vote of thanks, Prof. Saima Saeed from CCMG appreciated the enthusiastic participation of the scholars who came from 14 states of India.  She also states that the centre takes pride in organizing various scholarly events and hosting academic workshops and seminars which are different from any other departments and centres of media. She mentioned the long-standing efforts of this centre to build a larger network of scholars, experts and academics from communication and media studies in India.

The valedictory session ended by distributing certificates to the participants. A total of 32 scholars and young faculty participated in the workshop who were from 22 universities and 14 different disciplines.