Centre for Culture, Media & Governance (CCMG), Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI), New Delhi inaugurated a “Seven-Day Research Methodology Workshop” on 11 December 2019. The workshop is scheduled between 11-17 December 2019, under the auspices of UGC sponsored “Centre with Potential for Excellence in a Particular Area” (CPEPA) for research scholars and young faculty.

11 12 2019 (24)

The inaugural session began with welcome remarks by Professor Biswajit Das, Director, Centre for Culture, Media & Governance, JMI. He pointed out the emergence of communication studies with an interdisciplinary perspective that poses challenges for the researchers. He stressed that researchers should think beyond the skill and techniques and develop the research imagination. Art of asking question is important to develop methodological understanding. Prof. Das also raised the importance of combining systematic imagination, explanation and inquiries. Further he urged for a collective research endeavour with collaborative ideas and projects to conduct pan-Indian empirical studies.

While delivering the keynote address, Prof. Deepak Mehta, Dean and professor, Ashoka University raised some crucial questions about methods. He said that a researcher needs to think about method to order the research. Further he explained the interrelation and dynamic correspondence between field, ethnography and writing. He also reminds the researchers to think about the limitations in research. Writing is a powerful and core concern to imagine and conduct research. Therefore, he urges the research scholars to fathom the order, linearity and coherence in research writing.

11 12 2019 (44)

Prof. Mehta points out two critical aspects to be watchful of in today’s time: the power of lies and pretence. Methodological innovations are necessary for dismantling the lies in our research endeavours. Finally he mentioned the role of memory as an alternative approach to our fieldwork-based, ethnographic and archival research paradigms. The Workshop coordinator, Dr. Athikho Kaisii, Assistant Professor, CCMG, JMI delivered a vote of thanks to the speakers and participants. The session was moderated by workshop organizer, Dr Ajaz Ahmad Gilani.

35 participants from various Indian universities are participating in the seven-day research methodology workshop. During the seven-day workshop prominent academics from various institutions will be delivering lectures on topics related to humanities and social sciences research methodologies.